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My 18th birthday is coming up.  And I'm not pleased.

I wish I never grew up.  College is around the corner, meaning a lot more work is ahead of me.  I wish I could just turn back the clock and relive the past, but that's not going to happen.  Imagine my future: all work and no play. Oh, how I miss my childhood.

Even my friend Cameron is there to support me.  When I'm down, he would always be there for me, telling me stuff like, "Morgan.  I know it's hard.  You'll succeed in college, trust me."  He's the only support I have other than my parents right now.

As the days went on, the sudden realization that I would never relive my childhood again was coming to my mind in pieces.  But that would stop one day as I was walking home from school.

It all started when I heard someone calling my name.  I looked around, hoping to find the mysterious person whose voice I do not recognize.

I saw no one.

So I shrugged it off and kept on walking.

"Morgan.  Come to the forest!"

There it was again!  But wait… the forest?  That voice must mean the one far from town.  And if that was the case, then how long of a trip would that take?

It didn't matter now.  Whoever it was, they must need my help.  So I ran as fast as I could to the forest.


It seemed like hours aimlessly wandering through the forest, trying to figure out whose voice was calling me.  It was almost dark now, and I was starting to get the realization that I was completely lost.  At the same time, I was starting to think that there would soon be no way out.

Even everywhere I turn almost seems to lead to the same place every time.  It was as if there was no hope trying to turn around.

And that's when I started to cry.  I missed my family.  I missed Cammy.  And most importantly, I missed my childhood.

At the same time, I felt something strange, like I was shrinking.  To make sure nothing bad was happening, I looked at my hands to make sure I was still intact.  But what I saw was my hands getting smaller by the second.  And what's worse is that my stubble was slowly receding into my face.

I was regressing.

It didn't surprise me to see something like this happening, and thought it was all a dream.  After pinching myself a couple of times I realized…

This isn't a dream.

When it finished, I was left looking like a 7-year old.

While all this was going on, I didn't notice that two Lucarios came out of hiding behind the trees.  When I stopped crying and looked ahead, I was shocked, speechless, nothing to say.  Even better, they looked like they were comforting me.  They had such soft paws.

"There, there, Morgan.  There's no need to worry."

And the female could talk.  It was like a dream turned into a reality.  This made me more confused than surprised.

"What… what's going on?" I asked, noting the change in my voice.

"Well," the male Lucario said, "we've been watching you for many months, reading your thoughts, and we, too, feel that you miss your childhood days."

"Plus," the female Lucario added, "we've always wanted a child of our own."

"Which is why we would like to present you an offer." The male Lucario said.

"And that is…? I asked.

"We would like to become your new parents," the female Lucario said. "We would like to give you that chance to relive your past; to become a little kid again.  What do you say?"

"Uhhh…" I smiled.  But then some thoughts entered my mind.

"What about my real parents; my human ones?  Will they even remember me?"

"It's okay, little one," the male Lucario replied. "We'll make sure that your parents never remember you after the transformation."

Wait… no one mentioned anything about a transformation.

"You mean… I'm gonna…"

"Yes," the female Lucario replied. "You're gonna become a Riolu, and live the rest of your life learning the power of the aura."

This made me feel sad.  What would my parents think after their memories were wiped clean of my existence?  What about my friends?  What about…

"Can I ask something?"

"Ask away, little one," the male Lucario replied, with all ears.  The female Lucario listened as well.

"There's a very special someone that has supported me through the tough times."

The female Lucario interrupted.  "Oh, you mean your friend, whom you call 'Cammy?'  Of course we can let him remember you.  And if it's alright with you, shall we let him know this happened through aura?"

"You may," I replied, excited.  "And yes, I would love to take your offer.  I mean, I have no other choice anyway."

"Are you sure?" the female Lucario asked. "I mean, even though you will be able to use aura, you will need to learn how to use it, as well as learn your instincts."

"I'm sure," I replied without hesitation.

"Alright," the male Lucario said.  "Now just hold still, this might pinch."

I tried my best to remain calm.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt a slight pinch as my young childish body started to glow blue.  All the while, the male Lucario kept his focus.

After a couple of seconds, the blue glow vanished.  That's when I looked at my hands to see the results.  Indeed, it was happening.  Blue fur began growing on my hands, which were reforming to become three-digit paws.  On each wrist, a small white bump grew.

"Wow," I said.  "This is…"

I couldn't finish.  It was happening so fast, but I seemed to like it.  Tears of excitement ran down my cheek as the blue fur continued to grow up my now thinning arms.

When it reached my shoulders, the blue fur stopped growing, where black fur took its place and spread across my upper body, which was also reforming.  When it reached my lower body, it started to turn blue, leaving a zigzag pattern on my body.

I could not contain my excitement anymore.  "Rii!" I exclaimed in excitement.

"That's my son," the male Lucario said.

I blushed at this remark as my feet grew black fur, and reformed as well, leaving it with only three digits and forcing me to stand on the balls of my feet.  I didn't mind.

The black fur continued to grow up my legs, where it stopped at the middle of my thighs, where the muscle started to thicken and blue fur continued growing.  I was left looking like I was wearing shorts.

My excitement stated how I described this feeling for me as my semi-long tail grew, complete with blue fur.

I knew my transformation was still not complete.

Yellow fur grew on my neck, forming what looked like a collar.  In addition, blue fur started to grow around my head.  My nose reshaped itself to form a small muzzle, my jaws, mouth, and tongue changing to accommodate these changes.  Black fur grew around my eyes and above my nose in the shape of a mask.  My ears moved to the top of my head and grew pointed.  And to top it all off, a pair of black sensors appeared on the sides of my head.

I smiled.  I was now a complete Riolu.  "Rii!"  I cried in excitement.  "This is amazing!"

"Is it?" the female Lucario asked.  "Now I shall wipe out your parents' memories."

It was here that the female Lucario placed her paw on my Riolu head, in-between my ears.  She closed her eyes, her sensors lifted, and I felt like my hippocampus had been partially removed.  I was losing memories of my past: my parents, my friends… except for one friend in particular.

After thirty seconds, the severed hippocampus feeling stopped.  I had lost all trace of my human family.  There was no memory about me trying to decide on a college that was right for me.  I even had plans to attend The Ohio State University in the future.

The female Lucario then took her paw off my head and turned to the male Lucario.  "Shall we, Brendan?"

"We may most certainly, Kendall."

That's when she placed her paw back on my head and that severed hippocampus feeling came back.  During the whole time, I was starting to think that I'm a Riolu, and have always been a Riolu since birth.  I also start to think that these Lucario are my parents, and have always cared for me through good times and bad.

Soon after, the severed hippocampus feeling was gone forever, and my new mother took her paw off my head.  "Well," she said, crying tears of joy.  "Welcome home, son."

"Rii!" I yipped happily, and ran up to my new parents, hugging them.  They picked me up and hugged me tighter.  I purred and hugged back in glee.  This is my new life, and I am a Pokemon.


The training afterwards seemed brutal, but was fairly easy once I got the gist of it.  In six months, I had fully mastered the power of the aura, and a month afterward, I had mastered my Riolu instincts.

Like they promised, my new parents even contacted my Cammy through aura, telling him what happened.  When he heard, he rushed down to the forest to see me.  Our reunion was like a new childhood memory that will never be forgotten.

Four years later, I went on my first hunting trip.  My Lucario instincts were of good assistance in finding my prey, as I managed to track down a small Pidove that had fled from its family.

During the rest of my life, I had found my mate.  The Lucario, Sayoko, had proven to me that her skills were far more talented than anyone but myself.  Since we met, we went on our hunting trips together, and returned home with our prey.  Cammy even enjoyed our meals.

And since then, I have grown to become a happy Lucario, and have teamed up with Cammy and Sayoko on a Pokemon journey.  From then on, it would become a journey that would lead me to a happy life thereafter.
:iconmorganling: commissioned me to write this. He even came up with the plot, which I gladly followed.

For those of you that never took Psychology, the hippocampus is the part of your brain where new memories are formed.

Please ask me about any other words you didn't understand, and I'll gladly include them in the description.

Morgan the Riolu/Lucario and Sayoko the Lucario© :iconmorganling:
Cameron a.k.a. "Cammy" © :iconampharosisawesome:
Brendan the Lucario © :iconlight-the-fox:
Kendall the Lucario is based off of characters by :iconlucario17113:
Pokémon © :iconnintendostampplz::iconnintendostamp2plz:
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